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Kwangdong – Vita500

Project description

Vita 500 is a vitamin C energy drink that is extremely successful in Korea and owned by Kwangdong. They contacted us to assist in their digital launch of their Vita 500 drink. In 18 months time, starting out from scratch, Vita 500 became also a know brand. We gained over 60.000 followers on Facebook and 5.000 on Instagram and reached many millions of interactions. Supported by influencers, ads and online giveaways we successfully bootstrapped Vita 500 to the target group.

Project details

Client Kwangdong đŸ‡°đŸ‡·
Products Energy Drink
Challenge Introduce Vita500
Timeframe & budget 18 months – 50k to 150K USD
Strategy WordPress website that links to local shopping platforms, SEO, Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We created the photography, illustrations and graphics to post on the Vita500 feed this stunning content.

Each piece of content planned for the next month with an accompanying text in the local language. By localising the feed and inventing the Vita500 character “Cee” as a mascot we gained traction fast.
It was posted on Facebook, Instagram and local social media/messaging platforms

Using our content strategy we were able to generate more than 60.000 followers on Facebook and 5.000 on Instagram.

Content Creation

In order to reach our goals we created this stunning content for Vita500


Original content usable for all purposes

Graphic design/Illustrations

Fun engaging illustrations to tell a unique story that makes it fun to engage and follow.

Influencer Marketing

Following a set schedule we made for the best results, we used KOL’s to promote the brand and posts for a bigger impact.

We used nano, micro and macro influencers that pushed the posts and brand further into the audience of Vita500.


To create engagement and buzz on the Vita500 account we ran monthly minigames.

Each minigame we select 5 prize winners. We distributed the prizes Vita500 sent us and in our super minigame prize, we provided the latest smartphones to the winners.

Huge engagement results and fun for the followers!

Ready to launch?

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