Project description

Président is the leading milk & Dairy company in the world. This website is a product presentation for four countries in the ASEAN region. Each country has their specific available products and languages. Instead of 4 websites we build this network of websites using a single WordPress administration for each of the countries. Bij using this technique we save on hosting, maintenance and most importantly the clients management time for the websites. A complex technical solution that makes life easy for a multi country approach. We designed, build, host and maintain this site in Hong Kong for Lactalis International, the owner of Président brand.

Project details

Client Lactalis International 🇫🇷
Products Milk & Dairy
Challenge Multi-Country Website Launch: 1 Administration
Timeframe & budget 2 months – 10-25k USD
Strategy WordPress website that displays only products available locally per country in their respective language(s)
End product See it live at

Localised content

This website features localised content with every country having most relevant languages only. So in Hong Kong you will find only English and Cantonese wheres the Vietnamese localisation only finds English and Vietnamese. A multi-country + Multi language approach making life easy and clear for both visitors and administrators.

On brand appearance

Président required strict branding guidelines to be held to but enough freedom to make this site special.

We set out to achieve a modern look with a touch of rustic classic.

Easy to navigate and view on all relevant devices.

Hosted by Digital Launch

To host this website we use our own AWS server setup in Hong Kong with a content delivery network (CDN) and special caching systems so this website is fast on every continent including Mainland China.

Besides hosting we provide regular maintenance and service plus an on-demand help desk for any requests coming from Lactalis International team.

Ready to launch?

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