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Cross-border specialist
Launch your brand all over the world

Launch your product or brand. In Hong Kong

We specialise in creating digital brand awareness by creating a local product/service website for you.
We promote your brand using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and leverage (international and local) Social Media Marketing.

We provide the full package you need to Launch in Hong Kong:

Design, Build and Launch!

Design. Your localised digital appearance

Localised content creation

We create digital marketing, website and webshop content. We have in-house photography, illustrations, graphic design and multi-language copywriting.

Our clients typically have a successful product or service in their home country and with us cross the border and expand their market to Hong Kong.

Our localised content make sure you resonate with your audience.

President Hong Kong project by digital marketing agency digital launch
Prรฉsident website launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Vietnam

Web design

We design unique websites to support sales, lead generation and brand awareness.

We specialise in multi-country, multi-currency and multi-language websites and webshops.

We use an approach that makes you not only ready for Hong Kong but for the entire ASEAN region should you want it.

UX Design

Our digital marketing agency in Hong Kong has a user experience (UX) design expertise. We make sure your users reach their goals quickly, audit your app or increase conversions.

Build. Develop your mission into reality

Web development

We build your website or webshop following the latest coding standards and guarantee a minimum of 80+ Google Core Web Vitals performance score

Web maintenance

After going live our website maintenance team will support you free for 60 days, extend it as long as you need for your new or existing website or webshop.

Web Hosting

Fully managed warp speed servers with a free CDN and SSL on our AmazonAWS platform in Hong Kong.
Unlimited scalability, available all over the world.

Launch. Advertising to gain awareness, traffic and sales

Digital Launch is certified advertising agency by Meta / Facebook

Social Media Marketing

Gain followers, likes and exposure with social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even country specific platforms like WeChat, KakaoTalk and Zalo.

Influencer Marketing

Influence the awareness for your brand and marketing channels by using relevant influencers to boost your presence.


Get found in search engines like Google, Baidu, Naver, CocCoc and other local search engines with search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine advertising (SEA) for your website or webshop.

We work with international businesses  

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