Project description

For Maeil, the largest Milk and Dairy company in Korea, we performed their entry strategy for their new product line. Starting from 0 in a new market means we focussed a lot on Brand Awareness.
We made a product specific website that informs and links to their online sales outlets. We used SEO, SEA, influencers and Social media advertising to enter the market in style.
find out more what we have done for them in this 8 months assignment.

Project details

Client Maeil đŸ‡°đŸ‡·
Products Milk & Dairy
Challenge Introduce products
Timeframe & budget 8 months – up to 50K USD
Strategy WordPress website that links to local shopping platforms, SEO, Digital Marketing

Website Design and build

For the people looking for more information about Maeil products we made this easy to use WordPress website.

Each product is presented and has links to the local online shop platforms for people to purchase.

By tracking the “buy now” buttons we could track the success of each source and the website.

See it online

Social Media Advertising

In order to grow their social media accounts and promote their website + shops we performed various kinds of social media advertising.

First this was used to create brand awareness and reach as many new accounts possible. Later we pushed sales up using a conversion strategy.

Using our advertising strategy we were able to generate more than 9% engagement rate and create many sales

Content Creation

In order to reach our goals we created this stunning content for Maeil

Graphic design

For this assignment the client provided their own product pictures, we used graphic design to make them into posts. But we can provide product photography too, check out our Vita500 assignment for examples.

Influencer Marketing

Following a set schedule we made for the best results, we used KOL’s to promote the brand and posts for a bigger impact.

We used nano, micro and macro influencers that pushed the posts and brand further into the audience of Maeil.


To create engagement and buzz on the Maeil account monthly minigames were held.

In a minigame post we select 5 prize winners. We distribute the prizes sent us or we provide prizes for our clients winners.

Huge engagement results and fun for the followers!

Ready to launch?

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